Looking to how to upgrade splunk version or to downgrade splunk, click here to get steps to upgrade/downgrade splunk in linux.

1. Stop Splunk for any kind of upgrade or downgrade process

2. To take backup for existing conf of Splunk version > Use below command to compress and archive your files or folder (here we are archiving etc folder and “archive here is file name you want to give to archived file” ).

  • tar -czvf archive.tar.gz /opt/splunk/etc

3. Save Backup > Use move command to place archive file or folder to desired location, here we put it at opt.

  • mv etc_splunk131.tar.gz/opt/

4. Download the version of Splunk you need through www.splunk.com. Use wget command to install it in machine.

5. Go to root access and run wget command for installation.

6. Run below command to untar new Splunk package along with following yes/no instructions.

  • tar xvzf splunk_package_name.tgz -C /opt

7. Check Splunk folders ownership if it’s root use below command to change it.

  • chown  -R splunk:splunk /opt/splunk

8. Switch from root to Splunk user access.
9. Start Splunk
10. Accept license (y)
11. Accept previous configuration (y)
12. Confirm your all apps working fine, without any version issue.

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