Use the sendemail command to generate email notifications. You can email search results to specified email addresses.
Syntax: sendemail to= < email_list >

• Required arguments:
         o Syntax: to= < email_list>
         o Description: List of email addresses to send search results to specify email addresses in a
                                 comma-separated and quoted list.
         o Example: sendemail to=”,”

• To demonstrate this command we will use the “Send Email from dashboard Using sendemail command” dashboard.

• In above dashboard :-

  1. Time range picker:-  to select time range
  2. Text field: – Used this field to enter email id, we can enter multiple email separated by comma delimiter within quotes.
  3. Submit Button: – the results will generate and sent over mail id after hitting the Submit Button.

• Query Used for the dashboard is as follow:-

index=* | stats count by sourcetype| sendemail to=”$field$” subject=failed_login sendresults=true server=localhost graceful=true

  1. In the above query we will get statistics result.
  2. Sendemail attribute:- here email id will be dropped form text field above in panel.
  3. Sendresults attribute:- to get the results attached with the mail.
  4. Server attribute:- mail server used to works this command fine.
  5. Graceful attribute:-it is used to show result in panel if we keep mail id text field blank.

• Now the result should get on email id.

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