No Doubt it is very important for a company to manage, store and analyze organizations internal data, here we will see how to manage call centre data logs using splunk in very efficient way. We have two aspects to think on how to process internal data and manage in a best way-

What can we achieve by effective data management?
Let’s understand call centre office, data is one of very complicated as well as informative dataset with real-time insight of business processing. Analysing this data can be beneficial to save capital, time, and resources. Also, good customer experience can be achieved by working on predictive and perspective analysis by having good visualization of use cases.

Why we are using Big Data Tool Splunk over traditional Excel pivot Chart?
Splunk is a software technology that is used to provide descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, perspective analysis via search, analyse and visualize the machine-generated data gathered from the websites, applications, sensors, devices etc. In this way Splunk will bring out value to call centre customer experience by processing stored data.

Below is a Pictorial View showing scenario how centralized team can manage multiple offices and their employees by Analyzing  their internal generated data using Big data Analyzing technology.

Here it shows a Telecom company with 4 call centres at respective locations, also employee count varies with location and space wise.
There can be many different parameters where Management want to have high level overview, to get a precise and clear insight of company operations. At the end it must give some meaningful outcomes in terms of the below points 
  • Recession phase Data Analysis 
  • Office Expenses Annual Review
  • Employee Performance Review 
  • Resources Optimization (Manpower & machines)
  • Policy Amendment Review- To check how a policy will affect company/individual growth 
  • Rewarding for Contribution to Company
Showing Visualization and Analysis of Call Centre Data using Excel

Demerits of Analysing large amount data that generating continuously.
  • Time consumption in preparation and edit time-by-time.
  • Resources (Man power) required to accumulate and submit data to centralized team.
  • Manual efforts and redundancy.
  • Error margin due to Manual task -Multiple recheck required by Management.
  • Infrastructure resource consumption
  • Limited data can be handled using Excel, as excess may crash.
  • High volume of data handling and storage will be issue.
Showing Visualization and Analysis of Call Centre Data Analysis using Splunk.

Now, we will see how we can achieve similar outcome with better results using Splunk. Also obsolete all excel dashboarding manual efforts and incorporate them into automation with Splunk. Data archiving can be done for longer retention period with Splunk’s internal indexing mechanism.

Splunk not only supports but also facilitates multiple advance visualisation techniques, which makes data representation more effective. Real time data processing with minimal resource consumption makes Splunk as user best choice data analytics tool.  
  • Single value panel dashboard
  • Token and dropdown
  • Column Chart
  • Bar graph 
  • Radio buttons
  • Radial gauge
  • Sparkline.
Below are points which shows that how we have incorporated efficiency and automation in Call centre data to overcome Demerits of Excel analysis.
  • Time Consumption in Preparation and Edit time-by-time is decreased comparatively by using automation and commands.
  • Resources (Man power) required to accumulate and submit data to centralized team obsolete as Splunk archive and index real time data without any manual intervention. 
  • Minimum Manual Effort and redundancy.
  • Error Margin reduced due to automated process in data onboarding and analysis.
  • Large amount of can be handled using Splunk depends upon license.
  • We have Indexes in Splunk for data storage.
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