What is Event line breaking in splunk?
In splunk when we onboard the data at that time all the data are clubbed together so to break those data into the events we use event line breaking.

How do line break the events?
In splunk we use props.conf for breaking those events.
Example no 1: In this example what we are doing is onboarding the data and after that using props.conf parameters for breaking those events.

Step1: Onboard the data.

Step2: Click on Advanced

Step3: Add LINE_BREAKER parameter.


Here what LINE_BREAKER which separate the events which ends with <message>

Step4: Add BREAK_ONLY_BEFORE parameter.


Here what BREAK_ONLY_BEFORE does is when it creates a new event when encounters the new line matches to the regex

Step5: Add MUST_BREAK_AFTER parameter


Here we have used the MUST_BREAK_AFTER because when events are ending with closing tag of message it should break as well.

We can also use truncate and MAX_EVENTS.
Truncate=It tells how much maximum characters are present in each line.Default value is 10000.
MAX_EVENTS=It tells how much maximum lines you can have in your events.Default vaues is 256.
This is how we can break the data into events in splunk.

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