Here, we are going to see, how to embed Splunk Dashboard into any web page. But first it is important to know that by doing this you may risking your splunk environment , as we will be including the credentials of our splunk account. So, what we need is the dashboard that we want to embed, basic knowledge of HTML and a webpage inside which we are going to embed our dashboard.
Now let’s start with navigating to the Dashboard.

Note: Make sure your Dashboard is not Private.

Next thing is to edit the sourcecode of the dashboard, and make some changes which will Hide header of SPLUNK ENTERPRISE as well as EDIT option over Dashboard, making our system less vulnerable.

Edit your Dashboard with following changes

           Click on Edit > Source (At Upper Right side of Dashboard)

Now we are going to create new user in our splunk enterprise and this user will have less privileges/assigned roles, which will make this less vulnerable. 

           Navigate to Setting > Access Controls > +Add new. (To add new user)

Continue following the below steps……

So, our work at the splunk end is almost done we can embed our dashboard into webpage.

Edit your Webpage (HTML) where Dashboard will go.

  • Include above (< iframe >) tag in your webpage with appropriate changes.

The most importantly thing is to edit configuration file, for which you need to have backend access. Here we are going to edit web.conf file.

           Path for web.conf file -> $Splunk_Directory$/etc/system/default/web.conf


  • Changing  x_frame_options_sameorigin will allow splunk dashboard to be shared on another webpage.
  • And changing enable_insecure_login will allow to splunk login credentials to hardcoded within the url.

Dashboard is now embed inside Website done!!

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