In this blog we will recover one of the most trending topic that is data analytics and splunk. Over the years huge amount of data has been accumulated from different data sources, very few of them are in readable format and all others needs to be processed. Data has already occupied so much storage space , but as it says “Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore.

Without proper format and fruitful analysis of stored raw data it is all just waste of memory and time.
So, worldwide Data technology came on-board to not only analyze that data but also increase productive and behavioral gain from that data.  Data analytics is a powerful technology to analyze the raw data and get valuable information through it in a readable format

Data analytics gives insight of raw data events and analyze it in different stages:

Descriptive Analytics- What event happened?
Diagnostic Analytics- Why events happen?
Predictive Analytics- Based on use cases history, helps to predict events
Perspective Analytics- Based on current data, gives view of future events

There are number of data analytic tools used worldwide, among them Splunk has carved its own niche as a popular worldwide used Big data analytic tool.

Industries adopted Splunk

About Splunk:
Splunk is a very Powerful software mainly used for searching, monitoring, and examining machine-generated Big Data through a web-style interface. Good UI with new dashboard controls and workflow management make it easier to learn and implement.
The main advantage of using Splunk is that it does not need any database to store its data, as it extensively makes use of its indexes to store the data. Overall Splunk provides rich developer environment, powerful analytics, Simplified management and intuitive user experience. Splunk is hence very fruitful towards your IT career and you can learn it through many different ways. The Splunk instructor-led online training and course is an efficient and easy way to learn.
Data Analytics and Splunk careers benefits and Growth:
As we are moving very fast in terms of technology. Splunk is one such technology which has made a mark with performance and adaption rate. Splunk careers are extremely lucrative worldwide. Learning Splunk can lead to high lucrative Big Data jobs. The career opportunities for skilled professionals are increasing significantly, Splunk is the latest and the most in-demand technology today and for many coming decades. 
Forbes says that big data related jobs pertaining to unstructured machine data and Internet of Things (IoT) have seen unprecedented growth percentages. Splunk gives you a wide range of interesting job roles that promise long run Splunk careers, one has many options with this software knowledge.
Splunk Developer 
Splunk administrator 
Splunk architect 
Splunk application developers 
Splunk programming analyst 
Security Engineer 
Technical service manager 
Security analyst. 
This is just the perfect time to learn and master Splunk!!! 
Splunk Jobs salary as per Job roles
According to Indeed, Splunk related jobs dictate pay checks of up to $148,590 for a solutions architect and $120,000 for a senior system engineer. Even starting salaries are very good it keeps on increasing with experience.
Splunk worldwide usage:
Many organizations worldwide use Splunk for their business needs, cybersecurity tasks, customer understanding, fraud prevention, service performance improvement, and overall cost reduction. Major industries like Finance and Insurance, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Retail Trade, and Technical Services that uses Splunk over hundreds of countries. The rate at which Splunk is being adopted by organizations worldwide, the number is only slated to grow exponentially.  
Top companies using Splunk:
Splunk use cases:
New York Air Brake (NYAB) saved 1 Billion 
Splunk adopted by  New York Air Brake (NYAB) to index, monitor, analyse and visualize sensor data from more than 5,000 locomotives, leading to safer railways and significant cost savings for U.S. rail companies. Splunk software is thus alerts engineers about ideal driving conditions and defines better driver strategies to save money by analysing data indexed to it. NYAB reports that the system gives the U.S. railroads the potential to save up to $1 billion in fuel and other costs. 
Dominos supported its entire e-commerce environment
Domino’s Pizza uses Splunk software to support its entire e-commerce environment. It enables them to slice up mountains of data and look at e-commerce logs, troubleshoot issues, assist with monitoring, provide valuable feedback to developers and deliver real-time insights to marketing.
Splunk cost:
There is a version of Splunk known as Splunk Free. It is totally a free version. The free license permits you to index up to 500 MB per day, and it never expires.
If you require more than 500 MB/day, you will have to buy an Enterprise license.
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