In these blog we will do two practicals

1. Dynatrace basic working and will perform adding an instance for monitoring use case

2.Dynatrace integration with splunk

What is Dynatrace ?
Dynatrace is a software-intelligence monitoring platform that simplifies enterprise cloud
complexity and accelerates digital transformation.

Dynatrace seamlessly brings infrastructure and cloud, application performance, and digital
experience monitoring into an all-in-one, automated solution that’s powered by artificial

How does Dynatrace work?
Dynatrace work with the help of three concepts :-

One Agent:- A agent that automatically discovers all information and collects highmonitoring data from your IT environment.

Smartscape :- Smartscape is a environment topology maps that collect and visualize the
relationship between all your application across every tier.

Davis AI engine :- Davis look everything and analyzes all relationship and dependencies in
environments and provide you the answer. Davis also warn you with showing problems with
extact time and details why and when you had a problem in environment.

Splunk integration with Dynatrace:-

Dynatrace provides  API for getting data  and to  integrate Dynatrace with
splunk easily for that we have Dynatrace add-on on splunkbase with
the help of this add-on you can easily configure Dynatrace on splunk.

Below are the basic Steps of working with dynatrace (we will be using linux instance to monitor in dynatrace) :

Create Account on Dynatrace with correct email address . .

Login to deploy Dynatrace .

Select the operating system (we have selected linux one agent as our instance was linux based)

After downloading one agent from dynatrace UI , you will get one wget link and verify signature

Login instance which needs to be monitored and copy down the w-get link and paste as a root in instance .Post that it will pop to enter verification signature.

Once dynatrace agent install second step is to verify signature just using second  command in list .

After all installation and verification you can go to dyantrace account and in UI able to see your host configured with Dynatrace

Dynatrace AI engine catch everything which present in host like cpus, memories, disk and
network traffics,problems etc.You can able to see all logs and information on Dynatrace related to host.

Integrating splunk with Dynatrace :-

You need go to setting > integration >access tokens

Create access tokens and save authentication and key for further use.

Now download Dynatrace splunk add-on from splunkbase
Install Dynatrace addon on splunk instance


Go to configuration
1. Create an account name.

2. Paste the tenant: It is web URL of your dynatrace account.;gf=all

 3. Paste API token created on Dynatrace

Go to the Inputs.
1. First define the name.
2. Give the intervals for data.
3. Choose the index which you want to set for the Dynatrace log.
4. Select the account created in configurations.
5. Select the collection intervals.
6. Select the entity Endpoints. (Applications, Services, Hosts, Processes &/or Process Groups)

After All configuration
Search for Index and source type.

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