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User Logon Alert

Our goal in here is to create an Alert when an un-authorized user tries to login. This will generate Alert in splunk if someone with wrong credentials tries to login into your windows PC.

Procedure :
  • We are going to install splunk universal forwarder (package) into remote windows PC (PC1)
  • Collect windows event logs on PC1
  • Forward those Logs from PC1 to PC2, where we are going to index the data on Splunk Indexer
  • And in PC2 Splunk instance we are going to create Alert
Configuring Splunk Universal Forwarder:-

Host Name: ACi25N
To collect Windows Events Logs, add below inputs.conf file into Universal Forwarder (PC1) or just create one with following stanza.
(Path :-  $Splunk_Directory$\Splunk\etc\system\local)

Now, to forward this data to PC2 add or create outputs.conf into Universal Forwarder (PC1) with following Stanza.
(Path: - $Splunk_Directory$\Splunk\etc\system\local)

Configuring Splunk Indexer:-

Host Name: ACI3NEWP         
To receive data coming from Forwarder add or create inputs.conf into Splunk Indexer with following Stanza.
(Path:-  $Splunk_Directory$\Splunk\etc\system\local)

Open Splunk Indexer instance to check whether data is actually being indexed into indexer or not.
Query: index=”wineventlog”

Now create lookup file with Fields Host_Name and User_Name which only have values of PC1 and PC2.
A lookup file with user’s details authorized to use respective host
Query: |inputlookup logon

Now run following query on which we are going to create alert:
Index="wineventlog"Account_Name!=”$”|eval temp=mvindex(Account_Name,-1)|lookup logon Host_Name as ComputerName|eval Status=if(temp=User_Name,”1”,”0”)|table ComputerName temp User_Name Status

Saved the result as Alert

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