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How to build Splunk Monitoring Console for a Cluster

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Splunk Monitoring console is used in order to check the status of cluster under one window.

In Cluster environment we have to configure the Splunk Monitoring Console, mostly it is configured on Search head present in cluster.

Follow the below Steps:

• On search head click on  Settings>> Monitoring Console.

• Click on Search Peers.

• Click on New Search Peer.

• Add all the Details add Peer URI which you want to add also username and password of it.

• click on save.

• After that again go to Monitoring Console >> Settings >> General Setup.
• Click on Apply Changes.

• After that click on save.

• It will ask for refresh click on Refresh tab.

• Now we will able to see all the instances under the monitoring console with their roles.

• It will look like this.

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